8sinn Directors Monitor Cage V2 + V-Mount Battery Plate

Universal tool for a wide range of monitors with bottom attachment. Adjustable, foam covered handles with the widened top to provide safer grip during long usage (stop point in case of loosening your grip). Handles can be adjusted without tools, however, they have an option to use a 4mm allen key in case of screwing it too tightly. The backplate is equipped with M3 mounting points essential for mounting battery plates (V-Mount or Gold Mount). Free space with the 1/4″ between the battery mounting plate and the back of the monitor gives room for mounting wireless transmitters. The cage also has the opening with the thumbwheel for stand mounting.


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Kit Includes:
  • 1 pc 8Sinn Directors Monitor Cage
  • 1 pc 8Sinn V-Mount Battery Plate

– Universal (for monitors up to 7″)
– 1/4″ mounting points
– Adjustable foam handles
– Rubber padas
– Battery plate with M3 mounting points

Battery plate:
– V-mounts
– 50W D-tap inputs
– Automatic locks
– ABS plastic + aluminum