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Angenieux EZ Cine Zoom – 22-60mm + 45-135mm

The Angenieux EZ-1 is a versatile cinema zoom lens designed for both Super 35mm and Full Frame/VistaVision formats. This lens stands out for its ability to be reconfigured to different focal lengths (30-90mm for S35 and 45-135mm for FF/VV) by changing the rear lens group, offering exceptional flexibility for various shooting requirements. It features a fast aperture of T2/T3 depending on the configuration, delivering excellent low-light performance and depth of field control. The optical design is optimised to provide sharp, high-resolution images across the entire zoom range, with minimal aberrations. The EZ-1 is robust, yet relatively lightweight, making it suitable for both studio and handheld use.

The Angenieux EZ-2 is a cinema zoom lens crafted for Super 35mm and Full Frame/VistaVision formats, similar to its counterpart, the EZ-1. This lens is designed for wide-angle shooting, with focal lengths of 15-40mm in the S35 format and 22-60mm when reconfigured for the FF/VV format. The lens maintains a consistent T2 aperture across the zoom range in the S35 format, enhancing its performance in varied lighting conditions. Like the EZ-1, it offers the flexibility of switching between different


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Kit Includes
  • Angenieux EZ1 45-135mm F2.8/T3
  • Angenieux EZ2 22-60 mm T3 / f2.8
  • Front ring diameter: 114mm
  • For Type EZ 1 : FF/VV 45-135 mm T3 / f2.8,  and S35 30-90 mm T2 / f1.9,
  • For Type EZ 2 : FF/VV 22-60 mm T3 / f2.8, for  S35 and 15-40 mm T2 / f1.9,