Freefly Movi Pro With Digi Ignite And Mimic

The MoVI Pro is an advanced 3-axis digital camera stabiliser suitable for camera payloads up to 6.80kg/15Lbs. Featuring a hot-swappable battery system, the MoVI gimbal, camera & all on-board accessories are powered via a single, integrated power source. Our kit also includes a Freefly Mimic which enables the MoVI gimbal to be remotely controlled via user movement – just tilt, pan or roll the Mimic and the MoVI will intuitively follow.


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Kit Include
  • Movi Pro
  • 4x TB50 Batteries
  • Digi ignite adaptors for TB50
  • Freefly Mimic
  • Rod attachment
  • Digi Power Expansion
  • Tilt Cage Offsets (Digi ignite)

Weight: 2.65 kg
Max Payload: 6.8 kg
IP Rating: IP 52