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Konica Hexanon RF Mount

Performance of the Konica Hexanon is superb – The images are contrasty and sharp. Even wide open the center of the frame is sufficiently detailed for the great looking portraits. Sharpness significantly improves when stopped down specifically on the 35mm and 50mm. Subject separation is excellent, and bokeh is pleasing. This set includes the legendary 21mm f2.8. Come test them for the first time, at Yellow Cactus.


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Kit Includes:
  • 21mm f2.8
  • 28mm f2.8
  • 35mm f2
  • 50mm f1.7

–  57mm f1.2 (Coming Soon)

–  35-100mm f2.8 (Coming Soon)

  • RF Mount
  • Full frame coverage
  • Cine-Modded
  • Compact lightweight
  • 80mm front diameter