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Nikon AIS EF Set Cine-modded

Nikon AIS lenses are renowned for their exceptional quality and versatility in the realm of filmmaking. The visual rendering and aesthetic appeal of these lenses make them a popular choice among professional filmmakers and cinematographers. Let’s delve into a detailed technical description of the Nikon AIS lenses, specifically highlighting their look and visual rendering capabilities. Nikon AIS lenses are known for their ability to produce pleasing bokeh, thanks to their wide maximum apertures and circular aperture diaphragms


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Kit Includes:
  • Nikon AIS 15mm 3.5 EF (Unable to fit a clamp on Mattebox) 90mm Front diameter
  • Nikon AIS 24mm 2.0 EF
  • Nikon AIS 35mm 1.4 EF
  • Nikon AIS 58mm 1.2 EF
  • Nikon AIS 85mm 1.4 EF
  • Nikon AIS 105mm 2.8 EF
  • Consistent 80mm Front Diameter
  • Covers Super35 and Full Frame
  • Vintage
  • In terms of visual rendering, Nikon AIS lenses offer excellent color reproduction and contrast. They deliver rich and vibrant colors with a natural tonal range, capturing the subtle nuances of the scene. These lenses exhibit minimal color fringing and chromatic aberrations, ensuring optimal image fidelity and edge-to-edge sharpness. The optical design of Nikon AIS lenses often incorporates multiple lens elements with special coatings, such as Nikon’s Super Integrated Coating (SIC), which reduces flare and ghosting, resulting in increased clarity and image contrast, particularly when shooting in challenging lighting conditions.
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