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Nishika N9000 3D Film Camera

Nishika N9000
The Nishika N9000 is a distinctive 3D film camera designed for capturing stereoscopic images using 35mm film. It is known for its ability to produce lenticular prints, which create a 3D effect without the need for special glasses. This camera is an updated, lighter, and smaller version of the Nishika N8000, and it has gained popularity for creating animated 3D GIFs, also known as wigglegrams.

Key Features:
Lenses: Four lenses for capturing stereoscopic 3D images.
Film Type: Standard 35mm film.
Image Effect: Produces lenticular prints for 3D effects.
Aperture Settings: Two fixed apertures (f/11 and f/16).
Shutter Speed: Fixed at approximately 1/60 sec.
Focus: Fixed focus from 1.2 meters (5.5 feet) to infinity.
Operation: Uses a thumb wheel for film advancement.
Build: Lightweight and compact plastic construction.
Flash: Hot shoe for external flash; no built-in flash.
Power Source: No batteries required for basic operation, reducing potential mechanical issues.
Recommended Film: ISO 200 for outdoors and ISO 1600 for indoors to accommodate the fixed settings.

The Nishika N9000 is particularly valued for its ease of use and the unique visual results it produces, making it a favorite among enthusiasts looking to experiment with 3D photography. It is ideal for those who want to delve into creative analog photography without the complexities of digital settings.


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