SONY FX9 FF Cinema camera

The Sony FX9 is a full-frame digital cinema camera featuring a 6K sensor, offering high resolution and dynamic range. It supports internal 4K recording with advanced color science, impressive low-light performance with dual base ISO, and a wide latitude of 15+ stops. Its modular design allows for extensive customization.


Sensor: Full-frame 6K

Recording: Internal 4K

Low-Light Performance: Dual base ISO

Dynamic Range: 15+ stops

Frame Rates: Up to 120 fps in 4K, 180 fps in HD

Design: Modular, customizable

Connectivity: SDI, HDMI, wireless control


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Kit Includes:
  • SONY FX9
  • Sony Eyepiece
  • V-Lock mount
  • E-PL Mount
  • 2x 190wh V-Locks
  • VOCAS Shoulder mount
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