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TLS Kowa Vintage FF Primes

The lenses perform well wide open, sharp but not clinical, low contrast, some barrel distortion on the wider lenses, beautiful pronounced flares, and soft pleasing bokeh.


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Kit Includes:
  • Kowa Vintage FF 19mm T4
  • Kowa Vintage FF 28mm T3.6
  • Kowa Vintage FF 35mm T2.9
  • Kowa Vintage FF 50mm T1.9
  • Kowa Vintage FF 85mm T2.9
  • Kowa Vintage FF 100mm T3.6
  • Kowa Vintage FF 135mm T3.9

The lenses started as still lenses from the 1960’s-1970’s, made specifically for Kowa SLR cameras. Rehoused by TLS, the lenses now offer 16-blade irises, PL mount, improved close focus on every focal length, uniform position of focus and iris gears, 330 degree focus throw with zero image shift, and zero backlash. The new exterior is ready for FIZ motors, and the demands of today’s productions. Each lens has a 110mm front element.