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Amaran F22c Flexible LED Mat

The Amaran F22c is a high-output, full-color flexible LED mat. With 200W of output power, this ultra-lightweight 2’ x 2′ fixture is capable of outputting 6,420+ lux at 1 meter (5600K).

Install the included foldable softbox and instantly turn this flexible mat into an ultra-thin soft light. And with stepless dimming from 0 to 100%, you can achieve the perfect light level every time. The F21c features RGBWW LEDs for complete color control, as well as tunable CCT from 2,500K to 7,500K, providing endless possibilities for creative lighting decisions through 360° HSI control, 46 color gel presets, or even up to 15 unique lighting effects.


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Kit includes:
  • 1x Amaran F22c RGBWW 2×2 LED Flexible Mat
  • 1x Amaran F22c Control Box
  • 1x Amaran F22c Head Cable Extension (3m)
  • 1x Amaran F22 Support Bracket (back frame)
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Right Angle Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Straight Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Tilting Stand Mount w/ 2x Tie-Down Screws
  • 1x Amaran F22 Softbox Frame
  • 1x Amaran F22 Diffusion Cloth 1 (1/2 Grid Cloth)
  • 1x Amaran F22 Diffusion Cloth 2 (2.5 Stop)
  • 1x Amaran F22 Honeycomb Light Control Grid
  • 1x AC Power Adapter in V-Plate Casing
  • 1x AC Power Cable
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Carrying Case & Bag Strap
Max Power Output ≤200W
Max Power Consumption ≤240W
Operating Current 5A
AC Power Supply 48V DC
D-Tap Battery 12-28.8V DC
Battery Compatibility 16.8V, 26V, 28.8V
DC Input (3m) DC Self-locking
AC Power Cable Self-locking IEC C13 AC Power Cable (4m)