Dedolight Dlh4 Kit

The fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, bestselling professional, precision light source in the world. This new generation incorporates the award winning Aspherics² lens combination and zoom focus. The many power options and unprecedented range of accessories make it a uniquely versatile instrument.


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Kit Include
  • 4x DLH4 Dedo Lights
  • 4x Power Dimmable Ballasts
  • 4x Small Stands
  • 3x XLR Power Extension cables
  • 1x Dedolights Carry Bag

Focus angle: 48° – 4.5°
Focus intensity: 1:20 Weight: 558 g (1.2 lb.)
Max wattage: 100W (12V),150W (24V)
Mounting: To any 16 mm (5/8″) stud
Operating position: Any
New Dedolight Aspherics² Optics
Drastically improved light output